About Nextensa

Nextensa is a leading Belgian Real Estate investor and developer. We uncover opportunities and turn them into valuable growth for all stakeholders. Besides creating pioneering neighborhoods, we contribute to the community by anticipating trends and creating sustainable and lively spaces to live, work, relax and shop.

The total value of the investment portfolio is approximately EUR 1.4 billion, distributed among the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (45%), Belgium (42%) and Austria (13%).

Nextensa is one of the largest real estate investors in Luxembourg.

The total value of the development portfolio is approximately EUR 0.3 billion and is distributed among the Sites of Tour&Taxis and Cloche d'Or, on which mixed developments (residential and offices) are ongoing and on which new subprojects will be launched in the coming years.



Nextensa is an out-of-the-box real estate investor and developer, driven by a diverse team of passionate professionals, managing a high-quality portfolio in sustainable markets. By creating inspiring environments, we generate added value and consistent returns for all of our stakeholders.



Investor relations

Nextensa is listed on Euronext Brussels (Bel Small)

Investor relations

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41% 44% 15%
Luxembourg I Belgium I Austria
1.28 billion
Investment portfolio
0.2 billion
Development portfolio