Shares – voting rights and denominator

The capital of the Company is represented by 10,002,102 shares, without indication of value, each representing an equal share of the capital.

The extraordinary general meeting of Leasinvest Real Estate of 19 July 2021 has decided to introduce the loyalty voting right.

This means that double voting rights are granted to each paid-up share of Nextensa that - in accordance with Article 28 of the Articles of Association - has been registered in the register of registered shares for at least two years continuously in the name of the same shareholder. The remaining shares entitle to one vote. The two-year period starts from the date of registration of the nominative shares in the share register.

Nextensa NV uses the LIFO method ("last in, first out") to calculate the period of two consecutive years. For the same registered shareholder, the shares that he last acquired are the first shares that will be deducted from his overall possession of nominative shares of the Company in the event of subsequent transfer or dematerialisation, unless the request for dematerialisation or the transfer documentation expressly provides otherwise.

In application of Article 15 of the Law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major shareholdings ("Transparency Act"), the Company will publish monthly on its website and by means of a press release the total capital and evolution of the total number of voting securities and the total number of voting rights, insofar as these data have undergone a change during the previous month.

On the basis of this information, shareholders can check whether they exceed or fall below the statutory or legal notification threshold of the total voting rights, and whether there is therefore an obligation to notify this threshold exceedance.

Shareholder structure (based on the transparency notifications below)

Notification dateDenominatorName of the shareholder% voting rights
20 july 202315,875,379Ackermans & van Haaren 75.55%
24 July 202315,875,379AXA9.99%
26 July 202111,804,919AG Insurance2.58%

Notification thresholds

In addition to the legal thresholds, Article 12.2 of the Company's Articles of Association provides, in accordance with Article 18, §1 of the Transparency Act, for an additional notification threshold of 3%.

Contact for transparency notifications

Anouk Kerkhofs
Corporate Legal Counsel
+32 (0)2 882.10.00