These days, an urban residential quarter provides much more than a comfortable and attractive place to live; it should also offer a place to work, to eat and drink, and to relax.

Extensa has taken this mission to heart as a joint developer with Promobe of the Cloche d’Or project, where the aim is to create a community for the people of Luxembourg to enjoy all life has to offer, in an ecological and modern environment.

Cloche d’Or meets the highest measure of sustainability of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB), an unprecedented achievement in Luxembourg that demonstrates the quality inherent in every aspect of this prestigious project.

The residential offerings at Cloche d’Or provide beautiful, high-quality accommodation with convenient access to many amenities. Residents are steps away from restaurants, shopping, medical services, offices, schools and parks. Pedestrian zones and cycling routes promote alternate transport within Cloche d’Or, while easy access to buses, tramways and trains makes it a breeze to visit Luxembourg City or the greenery of Gasperich Park and Kockelscheuer. Nearby motorways facilitate travel by car to France, Belgium and Germany. 

All office buildings at Cloche d’Or have environmentally conscious designs and prioritize open spaces for employees to collaborate and to relax.

7000 m²
5 Rue Charles Darwin L-1433 Luxembourg