Frunpark Asten (2)

Frunpark Asten


The Frun® retail park in Asten is located at 165 km of Vienna and nearby Linz and comprises 30 shops and 600 parking spaces. It is a recent (2013) retail park that is very successful and because of that the extension of over 1.000 m² gradually delivered 2018. The customer frequency could be continuously increased to 1.6 million visitors.

The roof of the Frun® retail park in Asten is also equipped with solar panels in order to optimize the sustainability of the park, resulting in an annual on-site production of over 500.000 KWh of green energy and a reduction in CO² emission of 400 tons. Furthermore, the existing supercharger station in Frunpark Asten is currently being expanded to become the largest 32 supercharger station in Austria.

19370 m²
4481 Asten, Handelsring 8-10, Austria