Hôtel des Douanes


Hôtel des Douanes has a fascinating industrial heritage. Designed by famous Belgian architect Ernest Van Humbeek and finished in 1907, it was originally intended as the administrative hub for all customs affairs at Tour & Taxis. Its elongated shape, resembling the Royal Depot, was constructed around a banking hall two stories tall. The structure remains, along with original elements such as the steel columns, concrete roof construction, metal structures supporting the glass roof, panelling on the walls and solid granite stairs. Today, this wonderful part of our industrial heritage is ready to become a versatile workspace.

The future looks bright for Hôtel des Douanes. With its rich past and timeless construction, this marvel of architectural heritage is ready to be repurposed and modernised. It will become a benchmark for versatility and innovation. A home for businesses and a creative space for entrepreneurs. And who knows – your new workplace.

6433 m²
Tour & Taxis, Picardstraat 1-3 , 1000 Brussels