Tour & Taxis has it all - quite location, still right at the heart of Brussels, perfect connections, an iconic setting, a beautiful park, shopping, eating, culture and more. When it comes to an address to live or invest in, Park Lane beats it all.

What makes Park Lane exceptionally attractive is its location just outside the Brussels Pentagon. This makes the site easily accessible and the perfect starting point by foot, by bike as well as with public transportation. In this vibrant and inspiring city hub, you can literally see the city of the future arise before your eyes, with its walk and bike paths, culture, shops, bars and restaurants, crafts, social activities, recreation and co-creation. Furthermore the neighbourhood is low-traffic, which is appreciated by the residents. Park Lane is not only a fantastic place to live. It is a concept for a unique daily experience.

Drève du Parc 1000 Brussels / Bruxelles