One of Nextensa’s larger ongoing projects is Tour & Taxis, an urban redevelopment project in Brussels.

It is Nextensa’s vision to develop Tour & Taxis into an attractive and inclusive multipurpose environment; one that offers diverse accommodation, next-generation workspaces, and state-of-the-art venues for conferences, seminars and events. All will be complemented by retail and leisure facilities, as well as publicly accessible open and green spaces. 

The character of Tour & Taxis is intrinsically linked to its history. It was here, between 1902 and 1907, that one of the world’s first multi-modal freight transport platforms – incorporating water, road and rail – was constructed, along with the associated buildings. These industrial origins are reflected in the innovative use of wood, glass and metal in Nextensa’s redevelopment of the site.

Gare Maritime is one focus of Nextensa’s current renovations. The former freight station is in the process of being converted into a dynamic attraction with areas for shopping, restaurants, leisure, workspaces and more. Our Park Lane residential development, once completed, will provide beautiful accommodations in a quiet and car-free location next to the Gare Maritime.

Tour & Taxis is quickly becoming a top Brussels destination. The Sheds hold well-known events throughout the year, the Royal Depot offers inspiring workspaces and exciting dining and shopping options, and the newly renovated Hôtel de la Poste hosts a private theatre. Nextensa is also developing a nine-hectare public park that will sprawl across the campus and add much-needed greenery to the area.

Ultimately, Nextensa’s goal for Tour & Taxis is to create a place where everyone can feel at home.

Havenlaan 86C 1000 Brussels